Assorted Gougeables” is a small collection of lofi slow songs recorded in a few different places. Most of it was recorded in Seattle, but a little more was added in Los Angeles and again in New York.

I wrote the songs over a couple years and then finally got around to recording guitars, vocals, harmonica and some keyboards. After I was done, I sent songs to Annie Truscott (Chastity Belt, Routine) to add violin, Meredith Lampe (Work Wife, Colatura) and Tomo Nakayama to sing, and finally to then Jason Clackley (Exquisites, Dreamdecay) to add some bass and keyboards.

When you exclusively learn to record on DIY setups in your teens and twenties, it’s hard to do anything else. This isn’t a polished album, but it’s not abrasive either. Like all the others, it probably sounds better with headphones, but that’s a personal choice.

Assorted Gougeables was influenced by a strange variety of things: Roald Dahl and Raymond Carver short stories, motels, a whole bunch of people, and one very specific person.